Addressing The Devastation Caused By Rear-End And Head-On Collisions

At Gilder & Howell, Attorneys PLLC, we realize there is no such thing as a minor car accident. We also realize that certain types of accidents, including rear-end and head-on collisions, are responsible for the very high rate of serious injuries each year.

Rear-end and head-on collisions often cause life-altering injuries, especially to a person's neck, back and spinal cord. Our talented attorneys are ready to assert your rights if you or a loved one was seriously injured in a rear-end/head-on crash that was caused by another party's negligence.

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Severe Injuries Caused By Head-On And Rear-End Collisions

When cars collide in a motor vehicle collision, occupants may suffer a variety of serious or catastrophic injuries depending on the size of the vehicle and the speed in which vehicles were travelling. Injuries may include:

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