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Recent Cases

    • Jane Doe et al. v. XYZ Industries, Inc. $1.6 Million Settlement

      Due to a confidentially agreement, the name of this case and the parties can not be disclosed. The case involved a woman who worked in a furniture plant in Mississippi who had her legs severely cut by a band saw that was used to cut foam for seat cushions. The case was a products liability case where we sued the manufacturer for making an unsafe product. After filing suit, the Defendant settled for $1,600,000.00 before the case went to trial. his client also received a maximum workers' compensation settlement of $140,000.00.

    • Coley v. Carl Newsome, et. al. $1,060.000 Settlement

      This case involved a car/train collision at a rural railroad crossing in Arkansas. After an investigation by Gilder, Howell & Associates, it was discovered that the railroad crossing was grown up with vegetation and had not been properly maintained.

    • Robyn Howard v. Aetna Life Insurance Company , Royal Sonesta, Inc., Sonesta International Hotel Corp., et al $897,000.00

      This case involved some newlyweds who went to New Orleans for their honeymoon. On the second night of the trip, the groom drowned in the hotel pool at the Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street. An investigation revealed that the pool was not built according to Louisiana law and the pool lacked safety features which were required by Louisiana law. The case also involved a claim against Charity Hospital in New Orleans which rendered care to the young victim prior to his death. The total amount obtained for this client from all defendants was $897,000.00.

    • Robert Maines and Teresa McElvain v. Robert T. Hill and Wer-Mac Express, Inc., and/or Gwendolyn Nunley and Willie M. Ellis $411,600.00

      This case occurred in Memphis and involved the driver of a truck struck by an 18-wheeler at an intersection. Our client incurred a permanently injured shoulder. After a trial in Federal District Court in Memphis, the jury awarded a verdict in favor of our client for $411,600.00.